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          Efficient, Friendly, Experienced

          As a reliable process servers agency in the City of Toronto and surrounding areas,

          we provide our legal support services with accuracy and excellence above all else.

          We have the know-how you need

          and we are here to help!

          Call us today
          and ask about our 
          all-inclusive flat rates with 
          (647) 547-0786

          Learn More

          We will serve your important legal documents efficiently and for the best possible rate, and complete the Affidavit of Service to prove that the other party has been served correctly.


          Filing and retrieving  court documents can be a burdensome and a time consuming task. Our court runners are highly experienced navigating the courts across Ontario and will simplify things for you.


          Can't locate an evasive defendant? Try our comprehensive advanced person search to try and find the last known or current address for the person you are trying to serve.

          & Legalization

          Using an important document 

          internationally? We authenticate all types of documents, attend consulates/embassies 

          and ensure the

          document is legally certified for use in any other country.

          Landlord-Tenant Services

          Hire a process server to serve your Notice of Hearing and other tenant forms today. Our service includes a Certificate of Service pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant Board's Rules of Practice.

          Courier Training

          You will learn to deliver legal documents, letters, and executive packages to government and corporate entities or individuals across Ontario. 

          What Our Clients Say About Us…

          Awesome. If I ever need help in Toronto again, I know whom to contact. Also, I will be sure to mention to anyone else that I know that your company is the one to choose.

          Have a good day,